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Middleton Place

The Red Botanicals Series Set of 3

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Artist Kim Keelor intends for her work to compel the mind and enliven the spirit. “Red Botanicals” is a colorful wall-garden of sorts, enhanced by mid-century garden tools. It was designed to be interactive for the patron. Keelor’s “Red Botanicals” series was created using mankind’s oldest textile making process called wet felting, or wool felting, with needle punch also integrated into the work. A visual artist working in several mediums, Keelor often incorporates vintage items touched by hands of past generations into her pieces, presenting them as assemblages. Some of the wool used to create the small blue flowers was shorn from Middleton Place sheep and dyed with a traditional indigo dye bath by an artisan on the property.

The Red Botanicals come in a set of 3 pieces. 

Material: Wool (including Middleton sheep), silk, cotton, vintage garden tools and vintage bell. One artwork comprised of 3 wool felted pieces.