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Middleton Place

The Faces of Local Food by Charlotte Caldwell

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Celebrating the People Who Feed Us

A collection of personal vignettes giving readers an intimate perspective into the lives of those people who contribute to a vibrant local food system. We step out of the grocery store to join fishermen, farmers, and ranchers on their boats and in their fields; into the kitchens of innovative chefs; into the warehouse of a local food hub; and we meet with other meaningful contributors and visionaries to hear their stories - their histories, motivations, experiences, challenges, and insights.

The understanding gained from The Faces of Local Food will foster a paradigm shift in the way we consumers understand and value our local food producers and will inspire us to buy local - supporting our health and our community simultaneously.

With 153 beautiful full-color images and 50 profiles on the Lowcountry's biggest culinary influencers, this book helps the location serve as a model and case study to illustrate methods that can be applied nationwide.
Printed in the United States