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Kim Keelor

“Indigo Cooling, Middleton Place”

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As a traditional indigo dye bath heats, as demonstrated at Middleton Place several times a year, it is a deep, dark color. When the dyed wool is removed and begins to cool, it progresses through a series of rich hues, from very dark blue, to a greenish turquoise, to the final color which is the lighter, denim blue. Artist Kim Keelor created “Indigo Cooling, Middleton Place” after observing a fellow artisan exhibiting that process, before a backdrop of a gigantic Middleton live oak tree. The moon in the artwork was created with wool from Middleton Place’s sheep using mankind’s oldest textile making process called wet felting or wool felting. As Keelor is a visual artist working in numerous mediums, she also incorporated indigo dyed basket reeds into the piece, in honor of the Lowcountry’s celebrated Gullah basket makers.

Wool (including Middleton sheep), silk, indigo dyed basket reedsTotal framed size 45 x 18 (one artwork with two 22 x 18 panels, mounted on canvas, framed)